Training for all disciplines, specialising in dressage, beginner to FEI Levels


    Lessons, E-Lessons, Clinics and Training


    EC Certified Judge and Coach


    Equine Sales & Purchasing Agent; MaNitoba horses for sale

As an experienced competition rider that has ridden and trained at FEI (advanced) Levels, Elaine has the know-how and experience to get you and your horse there too!

She has worked with all disciplines of horses and riders with a variety of temperaments and skills. Throughout England, France, Canada and the US, she has found that all horses and riders can benefit from dressage training.

Elaine possesses the riding and teaching skills capable of producing a free moving and relaxed horse at all levels. For each horse and rider, exercises and training regimens are selected from her extensive international experience to increase performance for horses and enhance the joy of riding.